25th Annual Learning 2015 Conference Focuses on Workplace Learning

Orlando, FL, November 18, 2015Smart Horizons Career Online Education, the world’s first accredited AdvancED/SACS accredited online school district announced today that Cengage Learning’s Career Online High School was highlighted as an effective corporate employee education program at the November “Learning 2015” conference in Orlando, Florida.

Over 2,000 learning professionals attended the conference, which is considered one of the foremost annual workplace education events in the United States. A major topic of focus during the conference was the responsibility of companies to provide opportunities for all employees to advance through education. Both McDonald’s and Walmart were cited as primary examples of companies who have made this commitment by launching education programs that offer their employees the ability to earn an accredited high school diploma and advanced career certificate through Career Online High School.

“Closing the skills and education gap in America’s workforce has become a major priority for companies and we are very proud to be working with companies such as McDonald’s, Walmart and Taco Bell to help address this issue,” stated Dr. Howard Liebman, Superintendent of Schools for Smart Horizons Career Online Education. “Career Online High School is the perfect fit for both these companies and their employees as the program allows students the flexibility and support to earn their fully accredited high school diploma and career certificate while still maintaining a full work schedule. Companies end up with a more highly skilled and educated workforce and employees are provided a much brighter future.”

Keynote speakers at Learning 2015 included Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Kahn Academy founder Sal Kahn and attendees represented leading companies committed to innovative emerging strategies, technologies, and program design and innovation as part of a global corporate education strategy.