Huffington Post interview with College for America cites Walmart’s COHS as an example for other organizations

This week, Cengage received mention in a Huffington Post article on “The Coming Shift in Competency-Based Hiring” for its Career Online High School program with Walmart. The article explores how the hiring and talent management landscape in the U.S. is shifting to focus more on skills and competencies leading to certifications and credentials for economic success.

The College for America interview was conducted by Educate+Innovate, whose CEO Jamai Wallis Blivin, authored the article. She explains this new approach:

“[It] starts with identifying the particular skills required in a role and then prioritizing assessments or credentials that look for those skills. It promises to empower employers to align recruitment around business results, rather than around résumés. On the other hand, competency-based hiring also empowers students, workers, and schools to establish and follow clearer classroom-to-career pathways.”

She notes that the real-world application of this approach is getting its first tests, with a growing number of employers embracing the emerging assessments and credentials needed to make the transition.

When asked, “Who is doing this well? Which peers can a chief human resources officer learn from?” College for America pointed out the innovative Walmart-Cengage partnership that provides scholarships to the competency-based Career Online High School. “Walmart is doing a lot of lifelong learning and they partner with Cengage, which is offering a competency-based high school diploma.”

To read the complete article, visit the Huffington Post.