81% of Smart Horizons Career Online Education graduates are college-bound.

Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) today released the 2017 list of post-secondary institutions to which graduates plan to matriculate. The list includes state universities and community colleges across the country. Currently, 81% of students completing the program plan to go to college,* which is an increase over previous years’ 72%.

Graduates reported they will attend schools such as:

  • Arizona State University
  • Los Angeles City College
  • Ohio State University
  • Queens Borough College
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Florida
  • University of Houston
  • University of Tennessee
  • Valdosta State University

“We are so proud of these graduates for using their high school diploma as the first step toward further education,” said Dr. Howard Liebman, SHCOE District Superintendent. “The program serves as a direct path to states’ post-secondary and apprenticeship systems, which supports the economic and social health of our communities.”

As the world’s first accredited online school district, SHCOE reengages youths and adults back into the educational system, preparing them for the workforce and post-secondary education by delivering innovative, career-based education in a supportive, engaging environment.

“When students graduate from our program, 81% plan to enroll in post-secondary education,” said Dr. Liebman. “That’s a huge number. Students come to us having been unable to earn a high school diploma. They leave us with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to earn their next credential to open more doors and expand their opportunities.”

See the complete list of post-secondary institutions here.

*Smart Horizons Career Online Education, graduate exit surveys, 2009–2017