She Shows Us That It’s Never Too Late

After 30 years as a paralegal, Bonita Guesman didn’t think she’d have the chance to graduate from high school, let alone consider college. But soon after starting a part-time job at her local McDonald’s, Bonita learned about McDonald’s comprehensive education program, Archways to Opportunity.

“When Bonita Guesman showed up for work at McDonald’s last Friday, she certainly didn’t expect a celebration to greet her. That is just what she found though, a surprise ceremony to mark her graduation from high school at age 63 [organized by her owner operator Twila Mezan]. She just became the oldest U.S. McDonald’s restaurant employee to graduate high school through the company’s program to help [restaurant] employees further their education.” Read More by Patrick O’Connor on Sparkt


“To be able to obtain my high school diploma was a personal goal for me. I needed to fulfill a commitment to my deceased mother who graduated in 1941. I have learned so much; I am a lot smarter and wiser. I will continue to work part-time for McDonald’s and attend my local community college. My future plans are to eventually get a degree and retire full-time.”

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