Tamica Dickey is very happy she enrolled in high school through Smart Horizons Career Online Education. Not only was she able to earn her high school diploma and a credentialed career certificate utilizing SHCOE’s convenient online program, but the Career Portfolio coursework included in her studies helped her secure a job right after graduation.

As the world’s first AdvancED/SACS accredited, private, online school district, SHCOE provides internationally recognized credentials for Dickey’s diploma and career certificate in Childcare and Education.

The Career Portfolio teaches students important, practical skills that are directly applicable to securing employment. Students are taught basic letter format; how to write a thank-you letter, business letter and cover letter; how to construct a résumé; and how to research, locate and contact employment sources.

Dickey was a quick study. The 18-year-old Waco, TX resident enrolled in May of this year and completed all of her SHCOE coursework earlier this month. She credits the Career Portfolio program for preparing her to secure a well-paying position in the sales industry almost immediately.

“The skills I learned online in the Career Portfolio helped me in getting a job from my first interview,” she said. “I am so thankful to everyone at SHCOE, especially my academic coach, Susan McLeod. It wasn’t any one thing I learned, but everything. I wouldn’t have gotten my new job if it wasn’t for this.”

“I also liked the Childcare and Education courses,” she said. “My career goal is to be a teacher and maybe have my own daycare center someday.”

As for her high school courses, Dickey said she liked math the best. “It was great that I could do everything on my own time,” she said. “I would definitely recommend SHCOE’s program for any student who wants to study online.”