From Community Colleges to State Universities, Graduates Are Taking the Next Step in their Education

Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) is excited to announce our new postsecondary enrollment list. The list includes trade schools, vocational training programs, two- and four-year colleges, and universities across the country. Currently, 76% percent of graduates have enrolled in or plan to enroll in postsecondary education.

The data was released by the National Student Clearinghouse, an independent organization that tracks college enrollment in the United States.

Many graduates also pursue service in the U.S. Military, in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

“We are so proud of our graduates for taking the next step to advance their education and careers. The wide range of institutions and programs they choose shows that wherever our students are is exactly where we meet them,” said Dr. Howard Liebman, SHCOE’s District Superintendent. 

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