Computer Systems Institute pledges to provide scholarships to Career Online High School to combat the dropout and jobless rates in Illinois by increasing education levels. CSI has made the online program available in campus-based learning labs at three of its campuses.

Illinois-based Computer Systems Institute (CSI) today announced that it has launched a first-of-its kind scholarship-matching program as part of Career Online High School’s (COHS) Commitment to Action through the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). CSI launched the high school program on three of its four campuses in January of this year and saw enrollment numbers spike immediately. “We went from zero to 46 enrolled students in less than 2 months,” said Dawn Bravo, CSI’s Vice President of Operations. “We decided to join the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action when we realized how in-demand this program became in the first month we launched it at each campus location.”

COHS is part of Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE), the world’s first private accredited online school district. The school was established in 2012 through a partnership between SHCOE and Cengage Learning’s ed2go, the nation’s leader in online training solutions. COHS offers a SACS-accredited high school diploma and credentialed career certificate in a single online program.

In 2013, SHCOE and ed2go launched a Commitment to Action scholarship-matching program through the Clinton Global Initiative, which was founded in 2005 by former President Bill Clinton to bring together leaders in various sectors to commit to take action regarding the world’s most pressing challenges. SHCOE and ed2go’s Commitment to Action was formed to address the nation’s dropout crisis by engaging private and non-profit entities in a scholarship-matching program benefitting high school dropouts.

According to Bravo, CSI will provide 25 scholarships to be matched by the 25 provided by SHCOE/ed2go. “This is an important number for us because 2014 is our 25th year as a school, and the 25 scholarships will honor this milestone,” she said.

COHS students complete their coursework in supervised learning labs on the three CSI campuses. “We have facilitators at all three schools,” Bravo said. “Students receive 16 hours of supervised instruction per week on campus. Getting real-time, in-person assistance helps build the students’ confidence while they complete their education online. We also believe having peers around to celebrate successes along the way is very important for our overall retention effort.”

Bravo said approximately 10 percent of the potential students who contact CSI each year do not have a high school diploma, which is a requirement to enter CSI’s career training certification programs. “Any obstacle that keeps someone from getting the career training they need to become employed needs to be removed,” she said. “COHS helps us remove an obstacle for students who had previously given up on their education.”

One feature of COHS that made it attractive to CSI was the program’s flexibility in recognizing previously earned high school credit. “Many students dropped out in their junior or senior years of high school, yet the GED forced them into an all-or-nothing situation by not acknowledging the credits they already completed,” Bravo said. “With COHS, students only take the courses they never earned credit for.”

Bravo says CSI is dedicated to doing its part to address the problem of unemployment in Illinois. “There are more available jobs in this state than people on unemployment, yet those jobs go unfilled. We need to help more students meet the gatekeeper requirement of high school graduation so that they can continue on to skilled employment and become successful citizens who work and produce a better economy in Illinois.”

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