“Getting High School Dropouts to Drop Back In”

sxswedu_3Exciting news—SHCOE and Cengage Learning will be participating in this year’s SXSWedu festival in March 2017! We have a great opportunity to gain exposure for the work we all do impacting the lives of HS dropouts and their communities by hosting a panel. Our panel proposal is for “Getting High School Dropouts to Drop Back In”—but we need your VOTE to ensure we get picked.


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Deadline: Friday, Sept 2. Please vote TODAY! Spread the word!

Details about the panel and SXSWedu are below.

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About the Getting High School Dropouts to Drop Back In Panel
The numbers are staggering. In Detroit, 25% of residents 25 or older never finished high school. Looking at the city’s 10.1% unemployment rate, twice the state and national levels, it’s impossible not to see a correlation. Even those who are employed are hampered by the lack of a high school diploma, often lacking the skills and confidence to advance in their jobs. Fortunately, technology can provide flexibility for adults to go back to school.

This panel will discuss challenges & rewards of creating innovative programs in both the corporate & public sectors, including the Detroit Collective Impact – Pathway to Education & Work and McDonald’s employee programs that have made a difference.

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