First Graduate of the Florida Public Library COHS Program Plans to Enroll at Florida State College at Jacksonville and Pursue a Career as a Firefighter/EMT

March 11, 2016, Pensacola, FL– Micah Moulton, 22, is the first student to earn his AdvancED/SACS accredited high school diploma and entry-level workforce certificate at the Jacksonville Public Library, one of 11 Florida libraries offering Career Online High School (COHS), as part of a pilot program between the State of Florida Public Library System and Gale/Cengage Learning. Moulton plans to continue his education at Florida State College in Jacksonville and pursue a career as an EMT/Firefighter.

Moulton cited the extensive support COHS provides as the main reason he was able to earn his high school diploma from COHS instead of a traditional high school. “I felt like my instructors did not really care about how I did in class,” Moulton said of his previous high school. “It was like I was bothering them when I asked questions.” Moulton found a completely different experience with COHS where he was able to get help from his academic coach anytime he needed it. “I had a little trouble with the math, so I called my coach,” he said. “She explained things to me and gave me detailed instructions on where to find resources online.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of Micah and the bright future he now has by earning his high school diploma as a student of Career Online High School,” stated Superintendent of Schools Dr. Howard Liebman. “Micah represents exactly the kind of student we are trying to reach with our program and it’s very gratifying to see our school helping students right here in our home state of Florida.”

Moulton learned of the COHS program at the Jacksonville Public Library through a library newsletter his mother gave him. He was awarded one of 74 scholarships available in the program, which was launched in late 2015. By putting in extra hours and effort was he was able to become the program’s first graduate. He now plans to go back to school and is using the career portfolio that he created in the COHS program to apply to security and loss prevention jobs. “Now I know I won’t be judged; I am confident that I can start a career or go back to school,” Moulton said. “Having a high school diploma is really necessary—without one you can’t join the navy, you can’t go to college, and you can’t get a good job.”