Inside Higher Ed says McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program includes “unusual features”

Last week, digital media company Inside Higher Ed published an article on McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program, which it calls an “unusual approach to tuition assistance.”

The Archways to Opportunity program is open to managers and front-line workers, at both McDonald’s-owned and franchised restaurants, a total of roughly 800,000 employees. Participants can earn a high school diploma online, learn English, attend college, and receive career and educational counseling.

The article states that roughly 40% of McDonald’s crew members do not have a high school diploma, which is why the company partnered with Cengage Learning’s Career Online High School to offer accredited online diplomas to workers. “The company said the high school credential is structured to give its employees a boost toward college or a career,” says the article.

So far approximately 175 students have graduated with their high school diplomas. See videos below to learn more.

Read about the unique and flexible Archways to Opportunity program at the Inside Higher Ed website.