Partnership will give Michigan adults opportunity to learn online

Michigan Virtual University® (MVU®), ed2go and Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) have agreed to explore strategies to offer an adult career online high school to Michigan adult citizens.

SHCOE and ed2go joined forces in 2012 to establish Career Online High School (COHS). Featuring coursework that is both self-directed and teacher-supported, COHS enables students to earn an 18-credit high school diploma and credentialed career certificate in one, comprehensive online program.

“Too many Michigan adults do not have a high school diploma,” said Jamey Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of MVU. “It is imperative that we explore innovative solutions to help these adults gain access to the fundamental career skills needed in today’s global job market. An incredibly important target audience is the thousands of incarcerated individuals, most of which do not have a high school diploma. COHS represents a significant opportunity to do more in Michigan and elsewhere to serve this critical audience.”

The three online education companies have agreed to form a strategic alliance to explore how Michigan citizens without a high school diploma can be served with a career online high school program. The partnership will:

• Create an adult online high school focused on re-engaging adult dropouts back into the educational system
• Extend the high school to Michigan’s correctional institutions to provide inmates with the opportunity to earn an AdvancED/SACS accredited high school diploma and a career certificate while incarcerated
• Identify state-needs and provide advocacy for the program, seek funding sources for adult learners through corporate, nonprofit and foundation partnerships, as well as from state and federal sources under MVU’s leadership
• Deliver the career online high school, operated by ed2go/SHCOE

“As a new resident in downtown Detroit, I witness firsthand the challenges adults face in the workplace without a high school diploma,” said Ron Stefanski, Chief Business Development Officer for ed2go. “Unfortunately, our dropout crisis has reached epidemic proportions. I’m so delighted that MVU is once again supporting those who need education delivered differently and look forward to working with them to make this happen. Thanks to MVU’s leadership and long established reputation for innovation in education, citizens without a diploma will be the immediate beneficiaries, both in Michigan and beyond.”

About MVU

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