Redwood City Mayor presents diplomas, as Library Director acknowledges “six inspiring women” who have graduated from program thus far

As reported in Climate Online:

Emanuela Garcia has supported her daughter through high school, ensuring she was on the right path to graduate. But she wanted to take her position as a role model to her children even further.

Lacking a high school diploma, Garcia enrolled into Career Online High School at the Redwood City Library. Now, she and her daughter can both call themselves 2019 graduates.

Garcia is one of the three newest graduates of the program that offers adults the chance to earn an accredited high school diploma and career certificate online. Continue reading the article…

Redwood graduates of Career Online High School

The three graduates were honored at a recent Redwood City Council meeting. Derek Wolfgram, Director of Redwood City Library, said the scholarships are funded by the California State Library and Redwood City Library Foundation, with the Foundation’s major funders being Cargill and Atkinson Foundation. The graduates and library staff alike thanked Project READ, for enabling the success of the graduates and the program.

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