With an accredited high school diploma, hospitality training program paves the way to career and educational advancement

Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) is excited to announce that our new Hospitality and Leisure Certificate has launched. Students can now enroll in the Hospitality program, which is designed to prepare them to enter or advance in the hospitality, events, food services, and related industries.

SHCOE also partners with corporations in the hospitality industry, such as Hilton, who offer the high school and career certificate program as an employee education benefit, at no cost to employees. The program includes an accredited high school diploma that students earn alongside the hospitality credential. It provides skills and knowledge relevant to careers in hotels, resorts, restaurants, parks and recreation, events, and many other venues.

“The program meets the growing demand for hospitality employers to offer secondary educational benefits for their employees. Upskilling employees and providing a pathway to career advancement and promotion is an integral part of corporate success in the modern economy,” stated Dr. Howard Liebman, SHCOE’s District Superintendent. “Investing in employees builds a more engaged, loyal, and skilled workforce. We are proud to partner with hospitality companies like Hilton to expand opportunities for workers in this field.”

For many students, the program serves as a springboard to post-secondary education or vocational training—with 79% of graduates planning to further their education. In addition, SHCOE offers career certificates designed for corporate employers in fields such as Retail Customer Service, Food Services, and General Professional Skills.


For partnership opportunities, email Dr. Howard Liebman at hliebman@shcoe.org or call 866.999.7853.

To enroll, call 866.999.7853 or fill out the enrollment form.

Visit our website for a description of the hospitality program.

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