Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) is pleased to announce the school’s newest group of graduates–Mindy Lambert of Lawton, OK; Andy Walsh of Coral Springs, FL; and Deanna Boersma of Pensacola, FL.Based in Pensacola, SHCOE ( is the world’s first AdvancED/SACS accredited online school district.SHCOE’s innovative, career-based programs are designed to re-engage adult learners into the education process, enabling them to simultaneously earn high school diplomas and credentialed career certificates.

Lambert, 33, began her studies with SHCOE in August of 2010 and completed the program in January of 2012. She earned her career certificate in Office Management.

“I enjoyed my experience with SHCOE,” Lambert said. “It was challenging and very satisfying at the same time. I believe that completing the program will enable me to excel in my life overall.

I have the skills I need to put myself out there and I gained the knowledge and confidence to go anywhere in life. I not only gained a good education, I gained self-confidence. Graduating is by far the biggest accomplishment of my life!”

Walsh, 17, began his studies with SHCOE in September of 2010 and completed the program in March of 2012. He earned his career certificate in Certified Transportations Services.

“I enrolled in SHCOE because I wasn’t doing well in school at the time,” Walsh said. “I enjoyed SHCOE because the school offered a lot of different courses and actually gave good details on the subjects. Overall, it was a good experience. I think completing this program will benefit me in getting a job and getting into a school I would like to attend.”

Boersma, 25, began her studies with SHCOE in September of 2010 and also completed the program in March of 2012. She earned her career certificate in Homeland Security.

“This was a great experience because I was able to work at my own pace from my home and still live a normal life. The experience was not easy by any means, but I had a very good support team in family and friends, and I am thankful for them all. Here I am 18 months later, proud to say that I can now make something of myself and move on with my life.”

Boersma believes completing her SHCOE coursework has opened new doors for her.

“I don’t have to work at a dead end, part-time job anymore,” she said. “I can apply for jobs in the future and say ‘yes, I completed High School’ on the application and this will give me a better chance at getting the job. I can attempt to go to college in the near future and continue to make something of myself. I no longer have to stress as much or feel worthless. I would like to thank SHCOE for helping me by bringing the program into my life. I also want to thank Ms. McLeod (Susan, SHCOE Lead Academic Coach) for being such a great coach. You are amazing and you had hope for me!”