Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) is pleased to announce that an innovative new online tool called NexMeeting is now available for its academic programs. NexMeeting is a component of the NexPort Campus technology that was developed by Advanced Systems Technology, Inc., and Smart Horizons. SHCOE students have already enjoyed the advantages of the NexPort Campus technology, which provides an interactive classroom experience through the use of videos, wikis, customizable Web pages, and threaded discussions.

Now, with the incorporation of the NexMeeting component, students will now have access to online conferencing technologies that provide integrated telephone and computer-based audio, slide presentations, chat, white boards, and recording capability. This enables SHCOE instructors to conduct Web-based seminars and classes that are accessible to all students, regardless of location.

“NexPort Campus has been an important element within the SHCOE online learning platform,” said Dr. Howard Liebman, CEO and Superintendent of SHCOE. “NexMeeting is the next step in creating an outstanding, interactive user-experience for our students. With the introduction of NexMeeting, we are able to further enhance our career-based educational programs. This will enable us to create an even more comprehensive online learning environment for our students.”

The addition of the NexMeeting technology is another step forward for SHCOE, the world’s first AdvancED/SACS accredited online school district.