SHCOE is One of Three Instructional Programs Selected by HCESC as Part of New Initiative Funded by a Straight A Education Grant Aimed at Keeping Students in School

Pensacola, FL, July 14, 2015– Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE), the world’s first AdvancED/SACS accredited online school district, announced today a partnership with Hamilton County Educational Service Center (HCESC) in Ohio to re-engage high school students and prepare them for careers and/or college.

SHCOE, Rock and Roll Academy, and Usher’s Music Industry Leadership 101 were selected by HCESC, in partnership with Beanstalk Innovation, as part of the HCESC’s Learning RE-Engineered program funded by a Straight A Grant. Offered through the Ohio Department of Education, the Straight A Fund supports ideas from local educators that promote academic achievement and economic efficiencies within schools and districts. The HCESC’s Learning RE-Engineered program uses these three innovative programs to re-engage struggling learners by redesigning the classroom to incorporate 21st century learning. The programs use blended learning practices to help engage students and keep them in school.

As part of the SHCOE program, high school students are able to earn an AdvancED/SACS accredited workforce certificate in one of eight areas, including: Child Care & Education (CDA), Certified Protection Officer (CPO), Office Management, Commercial Driving, Homeland Security, Retail Customer Service, Food & Hospitality, and General Career Preparation.

“The HCESC program is a truly unique and innovative initiative and we are very proud to be a part of it,” stated SHCOE Superintendent of Schools Dr. Howard Liebman. “By creating a stimulating non-traditional learning experience with outcomes that are more relevant in today’s world, we are able to re-engage high school students who may have felt alienated in a traditional educational environment.”

The program has been recently implemented within four local districts in Hamilton County including: Deer Park Community City School District, Finneytown Local School District, Norwood City School District, and Reading Community City School District, as well as in the HCESC’s Learning Center at North Norwood.

“Working with the Straight A Fund, our team developed the Learning RE-Engineered program to help our struggling high school students in Hamilton County,” stated Vikki Clemons, Executive Director of Instructional Services at HCESC. “Education is the best pathway to a brighter future and Learning RE-Engineered focuses on giving our students the best chance at success in school and beyond.”

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