Partnership to bring high-quality sports medicine educational opportunities through an interactive online learning environment provided by Smart Horizons.

We are excited to share news from the Darwin Global family of companies. Smart Horizons, our sister education and technology company, has partnered with Andrews Research & Education Foundation to create Andrews Education, which will offer practitioners and the sports medicine community evidence-based continuing medical educational training in a secure online learning environment.

Through Andrews Education, participants have access to the highest level of sports medicine education from doctors, researchers, and rehabilitation professionals. The partnership brings together Andrews Research & Education Foundation’s commitment to advance the science of orthopaedic care and sports medicine to educate the professional community and the general public with Smart Horizons’ extensive expertise in delivering educational programs and services through an online environment.

At Smart Horizons Career Online Education, we are proud to be part of a wider organization committed to forming innovative partnerships and creating new, evolving opportunities for a diverse array of learners.

For details, refer to the full Press Release.