High school completion leads to increased earnings and contribution to local economy, as well as higher postsecondary enrollment rates

Scholarships offered to Florida residents who can graduate through their public library for free

Career Online High School today announced that 1,000 Florida adults have earned their high school diplomas through their local libraries. A leader in adult high school education, COHS has been delivered in FL public libraries since 2015. It is available to residents ages 19+ through scholarships in over 200 library locations throughout the state. Program details can be found on the FL COHS library website.

The potential impact of 1,000 new graduates in terms of earnings, contribution, and postsecondary enrollment is shown in this infographic. The program—which includes an entry-level workforce certificate in areas like manufacturing, health care, general professional skills, and child care—aligns to The Florida 2030 Blueprint, which emphasizes building a talent pipeline, increasing employability skills and postsecondary completion, and reducing childhood poverty.

Further Education and Training Is Next for Most Graduates

“COHS is an important pathway to improved financial, education, and career prospects for the more than 2.5 million FL adults who did not complete high school,” said district Superintendent of Schools Dr. Howard Liebman. “More than 76% of graduates in our district plan to pursue further education, including local community colleges, state universities, and vocational training programs.”

Postsecondary institutions in Florida include:

  • Miami Dade College 
  • Broward College
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Tallahassee Community College

A complete list can be found here.

Graduates See Immediate Gains

For FL residents, the opportunity to finish high school online for free through their library, while balancing work and life responsibilities, has proven the stepping stone to their next career move.

Latoya Freelove, who graduated COHS thanks to Broward County Libraries Divisions, said the program is helping her build a better future both personally and professionally. “I felt incomplete without my high school diploma,” said Freelove. “I wanted to do this to have a better future for my child and myself. I feel more optimistic. I am now a Supervisor at the United States Postal Service.”

For Jasmine Camacho, who completed COHS through Largo Public Library, the program helped her be a great role model for her daughter and is helping her advance her nursing career.  “I’m currently working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA),” said Camacho. “I want to sign up for college to become a registered nurse (RN) and to get my bachelor’s.”

Graduating high school is also a tremendous milestone that has provided a sense of personal success to many Floridians.

“This is huge for me!” said Morgan Czarnecki, who graduated through the Columbia County Public Library. “I gained a sense of accomplishment. I feel like I can take on anything now!”

COHS congratulates the 1,000 adults on their achievement of becoming high school graduates!

Want to Join Career Online High School?

For partnership opportunities, libraries can learn more at shcoe.org.

FL residents who are interested in learning more can visit fl.careeronlinehs.org and review the list of libraries offering COHS