As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and transparency, we would like to share Smart Horizon Career Online Education’s strategic goals through 2025 with our valuable partners and friends like you.

Since we opened our virtual doors, we’ve seen nearly 11,000 students become graduates. And, that includes more than 1,500 who persevered to graduate through the Covid-19 pandemic, expanding their opportunities during times of uncertainty and hardship. Through our continued partnerships, we look forward to serving the next 11,000 in the upcoming years.

Thank you for being part of our network of individuals and organizations who support our mission and share our vision for the future, which we have updated (below) based on stakeholder feedback.

Strategic Goals through 2025

Coaching: Enhance the Academic Coach role through technology integrations, dialer campaign automation, and other improvements.
Curriculum: Expand course offerings and launch new career paths, revamp the career portfolio course, and incorporate grammar tools into writing assignments.
Enrollment: Enhance our enrollment process to be more seamless for students via new enrollment pages and nurturing campaigns.

Diversity: Ensure the curriculum reflects our values of diversity and inclusion, updating where necessary.
Data: Develop processes and strategies for evaluating longitudinal student learning data analysis.
Stakeholder Satisfaction: Increase opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback.

Corporate: Develop new partnerships and accounts focused on up-skilling front-line workers, helping them prepare for promotions and/or further education.
K–12 School Districts: Build new partnerships to provide high school students with alternative, career pathway high school diploma programs.
Public Libraries: Expand partnerships with state-wide library systems to provide adults with the opportunity to matriculate into state-wide postsecondary institutions and/or better-paying job.
Faculty/Staff Development: Provide staff with leadership opportunities and pathways, through training seminars, succession planning, and mentorship programs.

Mission and Vision


To re-engage people in the educational system as a pathway to career advancement and postsecondary education and training.


Universal access to accredited, online education that inspires and creates better opportunities and brighter futures.