English Language Learning (ELL) Translation Tool Helps Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students Succeed

Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) has optimized its learning management system to integrate language translation software, providing support across recruitment and enrollment sites, the student portal, and all online courses. Students can now translate their Career Online High School coursework to their native language—at the click of a button.

“The SHCOE program is designed to allow ESL learners to leverage the same translation tools they already use for many of their online activities,” said SHCOE Chief Systems Architect Dan Pupek. “This reduces learner dissonance and ensures more accurate translations across a large variety of languages.”

In addition to translation and ELL resources, SHCOE offers robust tools and features designed to promote the success of adult learners who may have experienced educational trauma or have faced academic roadblocks:

  • Mobile- and tablet-friendly courses: students can access their courses from cell phones and other devices, making courses 100% portable
  • Embedded audio: students can have the curriculum read to them, which is especially beneficial to those with an auditory learning style, or who need hands-free learning
  • Competency-based curriculum (no Fs): students can re-learn coursework until they successfully demonstrate an understanding of the material, rather than experiencing “failures” 

“The integration of ELL translation functionality into our learning platform is the latest advancement toward meeting the needs of all adult learners—and our partners who serve them,” said SHCOE District Superintendent Dr. Howard Liebman. “We are dedicated to continuously promoting what our Cognia accreditors referred to as a ‘culture of hope’ and what we call a ‘culture of success’.”

About Smart Horizons Career Online Education 
Founded in 2009, Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) is the world’s first private accredited online school district. SHCOE offers online high school diploma programs designed to re-engage adults and older youth in the educational system and prepare them for the workplace or postsecondary education. The high school program includes a vocational certificate in career pathways such as home care professional, child care, office management, certified protection officer, homeland security, commercial driving, retail customer service, food services, hospitality, and general career preparation. For more information, visit shcoe.org.